Behavior and Technology

We advance organizational development in technology companies through a profound appreciation of human behavior.

Lucas Gren

Dr Lucas Gren has a Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering. He has worked with and help a diversity of companies both nationally and internationally. Lucas' dissertation was entitled Group Developmental Processes when Building Agile Software Development Teams. Lucas specializes in helping teams be more agile through the use of team development from a psychological perspective. Lucas also has an Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, and Master's Degrees in Software Engineering, Psychology and Business Administration Management, and is a certified GDQ consultant.

Lucas is very independent and innovative individual with strong organization and communications skills. With his help we gained better understanding of the variables that help drive application of the Agile implementation methods in organizations and projects. Lucas worked in my team for approximately two years. Lucas will be a great addition to any organization. Feel free to reach to me if you have any questions."
— Jan Musil, Director, SAP America, Inc.

Richard Torkar
Win 5821

Professor Richard Torkar has a Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering. He has worked with several companies the last decade helping them solve difficult challenges concerning software development in large and complex organisations. His main focus is in quantitative analysis and developing statistical models for conducting predictions. Richard is a former officer in the Swedish Armed Forces.