We advance organizational development in technology companies through a profound appreciation of human behavior.

Organizational Level

Organizational Review

Using a combination of surveys, interviews, and focus groups,we measure your organization's current effectiveness, psychosocial environment, workflow, role set-up, identity, and culture. Based on the collected information, we identify bottlenecks and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.

Facilitate Organizational Change

Practitioners experience (and research studies have shown) that recognizing the human aspects is critical in an organizational change. We provide detailed guidelines for how to perform and continuously evaluate the change process. Using our organizational review (described above), we tailor these instructions to the specific presumptions and current conditions of your organization, and thereby, increase the likelihood of a successful transition.

Team-Supporting Organizational Environment

Most technology companies organize their work in teams today. As a result, the team has replaced the individual as the single most important organizational entity. It is therefore crucial for organizations to create an environment where teams thrive and that supports inter-team collaboration. We evaluate your environment from a team-perspective and give concrete, and detailed, advice for development.